About Us

About Vidya Foundation:

We Vidya Foundation, a Distance learning center/Study Center was established in 2008.. The purpose of our foundation is to guide the energy of the youth of our country, in the right direction. This aim can be achieved only by educating them.

 The Foundation has also been carrying on various other social, national and charitable activities.

Distance/Online Education is an education system model in which all the teaching-learning activities among students and teachers who are living in a different environment are conducts via communication and the educator are in different geographical locations and the courses are covered via various communication media.

Vidya foundation established to help those who want to pursue higher studies, but are unable to do so through a regular mode of education due to job constraints, family commitments or remoteness of the location. The degrees awarded by the university through distance education stands automatically recognized for all purposes, including employment on posts and services.


  • Promote education for the masses up to higher stage through its adult and continuing education programmes; provide educational facilities specially to under-privileged ‘Working People’ to enable them to improve their functional efficiency as also their social and economic up liftmen, and development literature for Adult and continuing education programmes in consonance with the Linguistics, Cultural and Development needs of the region.
  • Conduct research in the fields of Education, Indian Culture, Indian History, Language and Literature, Problems of the working class, tribals, Harijans, low-income group and other under-privileged sections of the Society, and organize extension programs in the above fields.
  • The educational concerns have expanded over the years and now include the areas of medicine,


  • Vision & Mission of  VIDYA FOUNDATION is to democratize higher education by taking education to the doorstep of the learners & to provide access to high-quality education irrespective of age, region, religion & gender.
  • The mission of Directorate of Distance Education is to offer need-based academic programs by giving professional & vocational orientation to the courses proliferation of open fair & quality education to bring peace and prosperity to society.